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Fresh from the farm to your customers

Andean Sun Produce is the marketing company for the Gold Cup Brand of fresh Peruvian fruit and vegetables imported into North America. Our mission is to ship only the very best citrus, blueberries, avocados. grapes, mangoes and white asparagus, all grown on some of the very best farms in Peru. When it’s about quality, then it must be the Gold Cup Brand.

Andean Sun Produce is proud to work with La Calera, 3 generations of growers and exporters founded in Peru in 1954.
Also Talsa, developing the most exciting blueberry project in the world. Located in Trujillo, the new farm will be over 1,000 hectares and will reach maturity during the next few years to establish Talsa as one of the largest blueberry producers in the world.

Andean Sun Produce’s mission under the Gold Cup brand is to develop a long term relationship providing the highest quality produce to our customers.

Gold Cup Brand guarantees to supply only top quality fruits and vegetables throughout the year, plus our commitment to personalized one on one service.

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